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UCA 2016



All of our Faith Formations programs have begun for the year, but it's not too late to be a part! 

~Family Faith Formation- for adults and families with students grades K-6

~CREED Night- For students Grades 7-12

~Chasm- For students and adults who have been confirmed

~RCIA- for those who are interested in learning more about or joining the Catholic Church. 

Registration Page for 2015/2016

Here is the calendar for the year.

Sign up for updates regarding First Confession and First Communion click here

Sign up for updates regarding Family Faith Formation for grades K-6 by clicking here

Sign up for Updates regarding Creed Night for grades 7-12 click here






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Inside "Trinity Church," the stunning Orthodox wonder at the South Pole...

Trinity Church is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world. It is not, however, the southernmost church in the world: that coveted title is held by a small Catholic church located in a permanent ice cave near an Argentinian base (check it out here!). The ice cave chapel is certainly “cool” in its own way, but Trinity Church stands out for looking like a normal church...

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The merciful mission of the Missionaries of Mercy...

When Pope Francis proclaimed the Year of Mercy Jubilee in November, 2015, he said, "May the balm of mercy reach everyone." Little did I know what those simple words would mean to me. The Jubilee Year, also called a Holy Year, is a tradition whose origin can be traced back to the Old Testament where the yovel year came at the end of a seven-year cycle...

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The emperor has no clothes, and he's definitely not a tall Chinese woman...

I was talking recently with a friend and we were both lamenting the “strange and stranger” quality of our culture today; we had both seen the video at the bottom of this post. In it, the interviewer (who is a 5’9” white man), through a series of questions, gets a number of college students to accept that he is actually a 6’5” Chinese woman...

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