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The Summer of ME???

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 6/08/15

On the last day of school, Father Fish gave a homily for the Queen of Peace School students and talked about How summer can sometimes become a time focused on "ME."  In the short time since then I have begun to notice myself falling into this mindset.

Since ... Read More »

One Thing that Brings GREAT Hope

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 3/25/15

Today I was reminded of one of the beautiful hopes that we have as Catholics...

Our belief about purgatory is one that stands out from our protestant brothers and sisters.  This place of purification, where we let God remove all of the things that held us back from being ... Read More »

Confirmation: the Beginning of a New Life With the Holy Spirit.

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 11/06/14

Last night we had 25 students form Queen of Peace celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation.  For the past 2 years these students have been focusing their hearts on what it means to be Catholic, to have an adult faith, and now they have received the power of the Holy ... Read More »

CREED Night Highlights

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 10/09/14

HI There!  We have begun our 2014-2015 CREED Night Season!  So far it has been wonderful!  I have really enjoyed our opening time where we get to share a meal together, and just spend time winding down from the long day.  MANY thanks to the parents and ladies of ... Read More »

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 9/18/14


"Lord are you now going to restore the kingdom?"

"You will Receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and YOU will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and to the ends of the earth!!"

This is a conversation that Jesus had with His disciples after he was ... Read More »

"People are dying for Christ, go to mass on Friday"

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 8/14/14


Just click the link and read it!  

Its a quick read and I found it to be a wonderful challenge to myself...how often I get lazy in my "obligations," when really they are special privileges to meet with the Maker Of The Universe!!   Maybe if we ... Read More »

Keep flipping those pages

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 8/07/14

Hi everyone!  Its been a while since I was able to post, but you all know how summer gets away from us.

This summer has been so full of excitement, hard work, fun and all kinds of other wonderful things.  On a personal note we are expecting another baby in ... Read More »

Seeing God in the Little Things

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 6/11/14

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of seeing God moving greatly around me.  One of these things seems simple but was HUGE!!!

My son Isaac just had a birthday (he's 6, WOW!) The day before his party, which we were having at one of the ... Read More »


Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 6/03/14

IT'S DONE!! Every year It is such a joy to see our graduates moving on to a new chapter in their lives!!  As you continue on the path that God has set before you, may you ALWAYS remember that God is never done with you.  Through baptism you were ... Read More »

The Third Way

Posted by Rebekah Swanson on 4/28/14

If there is one topic in Catholic teaching that is misunderstood and misrepresented, it would be the teaching on homosexuality.

This video, "The Third Way"  lays out the true teaching of the Catholic Church, about homosexuality, and how we are called to relate to, and LOVE those in our ... Read More »


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