Discipleship Groups

Taking our cues from Jesus, our Lord, Savior and founder of the Catholic Church, we will be basing our parish formation for children, youth and adults, on what he modeled for us when he began his ministry.  Jesus spent time teaching and giving of himself to the larger community and this is what we see today, in the Mass.  However, Jesus began his ministry with a small group of disciples, a group who grew together in friendship and faith over time.  They grew together in their love and knowledge of him, and they grew in their understanding of  the Church that he was beginning.  As we each work to grow in holiness and in love of God, we know that participating in the Mass is essential; but if we want to see true growth in our lives and in the lives of those around us, we must do more than that.  We must enter into discipleship. 

Take a look below, at the Discipleship groups that we are launching this year and join us Wednesday January 16th for our Discipleship Group Kick off Night!

6:00 Meal  .  6:45 Adoration  .  7:15 Fellowship

Family Discipleship Groups

These groups are formed to help families grow together in their faith.  Groups would be made up of 3-5 families who are willing to get together at least once a month.  Perhaps they would share a meal and then take some time after dinner to share prayer intentions and say a rosary together, or maybe use some of their "A Family of Faith" materials to teach a faith concept or lesson to the children. 

Adult Discipleship Groups

These groups can be formed according to peer group, state in life, gender, or interests. Each group would ideally have 5-12 people and would meet 2-4 times per month. Groups could stream a video based study like Symbolon or The Wild Goose from our Parish subscription to Formed.org, or they could read and discuss one of our recommended books. 

In January we will be launching the following Adult Discipleship Groups. 

Student Discipleship Groups

These Discipleship groups are formed by parents and their students under the guidance of our parish youth ministry. Each groups has 4-10 students, 2 adult mentors and 1 set of lead parents who help coordinate schedules and snacks/ meals.  These groups are focused on building virtuous friendships and growing closer to Jesus.  We will be using the Y-disciple program which can be streamed for free from our parish subscription to Formed.org. 

If you have general questions about our new Discipleship Groups or would like to start one of your own, please contact Bekah Swanson 218-591-6048