Queen of Peace Catholic School

“At Queen of Peace School, faith and knowledge meet for a lifetime of learning. Founded on Catholic principles, our school is devoted to guiding children, developing their skills, discovering their talents and growing their faith."

The philosophy at Queen of Peace School is comprised of a series of beliefs that guide the administration and faculty in the operation of the school. We believe that the Catholic school has the opportunity and obligation to be unique, contemporary and oriented to Christian service: unique because of its commitment to Christian education and the integration of religion with the rest of learning and living; contemporary in that it enables the student to apply the Christian insights within today’s world; and oriented to be a community of service, helping students acquire skills, virtues, and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to others. We believe that all involved in a Catholic school – parents, pastors, teachers, administrators, and students, desire to make it a community of faith which is LIVING, CONSCIOUS, and ACTIVE. A Catholic school should provide an atmosphere where the natural growth patterns of each child are taken into consideration. Each child is a growing personality in their own right. We believe that a feeling of success is necessary to maintain enthusiasm in any learning situation.

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