Discipleship Groups

Discipleship: a life long walk with Christ

Each of us is called to walk with Christ in our unique vocation and state in life; but all of us are called to come together each week for the most holy sacrifice of the Mass.  It is here where we are nourished with Christ's own body and receive the grace that we need in order to live our lives in a radical way. Weekly Mass attendance therefore is one of the minimum ways that we participate in the life of our parish, not only out of obligation but out of thanksgiving!

As a parish community we also want to take time to support, encourage and spur each other on outside of the Mass, as we all walk with Christ together.  Our pre-k through 8th grade school is a large part of how we do this at Queen of Peace. Parents and their children who are enrolled at our school build friendships that are rooted in faith and last a lifetime. All of this, paired with the exceptional academics and the primacy given to our Catholic faith make Queen of Peace School a wonderful place to help you raise your young Catholics. If you have never considered being a part of our parish school or would like to consider it again, I would like to encourage you to call, ask questions and see if it would be the right fit for your Catholic family.  Call (218) 879-8516 or email [email protected]

Working along side the school we have parishioners who have decided to dedicate their time and energy to help build community through Discipleship Groups aimed toward people in specific vocations and states in life.


Men's Group- for men of all ages and in any state of life meets every Wednesday at 8pm.  This group is focused on working together to grow in relationship with God and uses book and video series as tools for doing so.

Women's Group- For women of all ages and in every state in life.  Typicaly meets every Wednesday from 6:30-8pm in the Family Room to study the word of God and apply it to their lives. 

Morning Mom's Group-for moms of all ages and in any state of life.  This group meets 2 Wednesdays of each month in the Parish Family room from 9:30-11:30am.  Child Care is provided so these moms can pray a rosary together and dive into a book, followed by good conversation.  

Couples Club- This group is for couples who have just started dating, those who have been married most of their lives and everyone in between.  Each month the Couples Club offers a fun and out of the ordinary date night.  Please watch the bulletin for flyers and announcements about these events. 

Families with Special Needs- We know that it takes work and energy to build up the faith in any family, and for families with special needs children it can be an even bigger challenge.  This group is to provide a place for families with all kinds of special needs issues to work as a team, in community with other Catholics to build up the faith of your children and your whole family.  

We want to help you find ways of connecting with other parish members within our community. We understand that during this time we must take extra procations to help keep our community safe and so we have ajusted many of our groups and what we are offering to ensure we are able to build community in a reasonably comfortable way.  

ADULT FORMATION AT HOME, RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! Queen of Peace Parish has purchaced a subscription to www.formed.org which will allow you to access curriculum, programs, videos, audio and books that will help to strenghten your faith from within your home, by yourself or with a few other friends.  Please check back here for some ideas on where to get started! 

If you would like to get connected to one of our adult discipelship groups please contact Rebekah Swanson at the parish office or by emailing [email protected]

Fueled by parents, driven by students and navigated by adult mentors. Groups typically meet Wednesday nights.  The fall of 2020 we will not be starting any new groups.  If your student participated in a group last year and you are interesed in having them continue that group, please contact Rebekah Swanson. 

FAITH FORMATION AT HOME, RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS! Queen of Peace Parish has purchaced a subscription to www.formed.org which will allow you to access curriculum, programs, videos, audio and books that will help to strenghten your whole family's faith.  Please check back here soon for some ideas on how to find the best place to start for your family. 

High School Discipleship Groups- these are groups of students who are committed to living their relationship with Christ and building friendships with one another. They meet each week to study a piece of our Catholic Faith and discuss how it applies to their everyday lives.

Middle School Discipleship Groups- are groups of young people who want to walk along side others while they learn their faith and grow toward Christ. They spend time together learning, discussing, praying and having fun. 

Grade School Foundation Groups. 
These are groups for children who would like to spend time learning many of the basics of the Bible and the Catholic Faith outside of school hours in a group setting.  To help us promote the ideal of parents being the primary educator of their children, parents will be asked to contribute their time in these groups by helping in the classroom at least once a month. . 

If you would like more information about being a part of our Youth Discipleship and Foundation groups please contact Bekah Swanson at the parish office or by emailing [email protected]