Family Faith Formation

Our job as parents is no small task, there are many important parts to raising children.  However, there can be no better way to spend our time then to model a desire to ALWAYS grow closer to Christ in our own lives so that our children will learn to do the same.  God blessed us with the gift of our lovely children and entrusted us to raise them and help them grow in holiness, and even though we can sometimes feel less then qualified, God chose us, EVEN knowing our faults and failings, to bring up these children to know love and serve Him! What a mission we have!  Please take advantage of what we are offering to help you in this mission. The Church is here to help its members grow in holiness and to equip them to share the gospel and pass on the faith.

Family Faith Formation this year will consist of 3 parts. 

1) Parent Formation- The first Sunday of each month parents are invited to a time dedicated to helping them be more interntional and effective in passing on their Catholic faith to their children.  Parents will go over the Family of Faith lessons for th upcoming month, brinastorm ideas on how to best teach thos concepts to their children and discuss fun ways to bring the Catholic faith into the every day life of your family. 

2) At Home Lessons- Parents will teach at least 2 at home lessons to their children during each month using the Family of Faith curriculum. 

3) Family Night- The third Sunday of each month we will gather for an evening of fun and prayer. Families will be asked to help with different portions of these evenings to make them meaningful and fun. 

If you would like to participate in Family Faith Formation this year, please REGISTER HERE.

After registering, please RSVP for our first parent formation night which will be held on Sunday October 6th from 4-5:30pm