Preparing for First Confession and First Communion

Confession and Eucharist

For 2nd graders and those older who have not received First Holy Communion

The best preparation for First Confession and First Communion will be found at Queen of Peace School. The preparation is integrated into their school day. Mr. Brekke, the second-grade teacher, is the best there is! And the best way that we can help our students be prepared to receive the sacraments is to bring them into the presence of Christ himself in the Eucharist. All Catholics are expected to attend Mass every Sunday. It’s the most basic expectation for being a Christian. If you have a student in 2nd grade who is ready to begin their preparation for First Confession and First Communion, you are asked to take special care in making sure your family is attending mass every Sunday. This is a requirement for your child to begin Sacramental preparation.

We will have a parent meeting following the 10 am Mass at Queen of Peace on Sunday, September 18th, 2022

First Communion Classes will be held on Wednesday nights throughout the school year.