Parish Formation

 Taking our cues from Jesus, our Lord, Savior, and founder of the Catholic Church, we will be basing our parish formation for children, youth, and adults, on what he modeled for us when he began his ministry.  Jesus spent time teaching and giving of himself to the larger community and this is what we see today in the Mass.  However, Jesus began his ministry with a small group of disciples; a group who grew together in friendship and faith over time.  They grew together in their love and knowledge of him, and they grew in their understanding of  the Church he was beginning.  As we each work to grow in holiness and in love of God, we know that participating in the Mass is essential; but if we want to see true growth in our lives and in the lives of those around us, we must do more than that.  We must enter into discipleship. 
So, each of the formation programs that we are offering this year are ordered toward that. They are also created to be family centered, so that your whole family can grow together in love of God and understanding of the Church. Please consider how you will participate this year.

A Family of Faith (One adult meeting and one family meeting each month)

This program is for families with students in grades K-6.  At the beginning of the month there will be a class for parents covering a certain topic for the month (childcare provided if needed.) Parents will then use provided materials to bring faith discussions into the home as a family. At the end of the month we will offer a community meeting where all families will learn alongside each other as one large group.

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship groups are a place to cultivate friendships built on virtue and to grow in our faith together.  Groups can be formed in many ways.  Families may choose to get together in each other’s homes; this provides community for parents and children alike. Adults of any age or status can choose to meet together on their own schedules.  Teens can choose to be a part of our Rooted Discipleship Groups on Wednesday nights.  Each group would use any of our approved studies, many of which are available to stream online.  Groups would then “check-in “ with a quick online form to let us know who was able to be there and what you covered.

Alpha-Discipleship Start Here (Wednesdays Sep-Dec)

Whether you have a group in mind that you would like to begin meeting with or if you are not even sure you want to participate in any of this, our small groups will be formed and implemented after participating in our Alpha program. Alpha is a 10 week program that encourages community and questions about God and faith.  This program will be offered for anyone in grades 7– 12 as well as adults.  Parents are asked to attend the sessions with their students and child care/formation will be provided for students in grades Pre-K— 6 for those parents who have children in both age ranges.