Parish Formation


Discipleship: a life long walk with Christ

Each of us is called to walk with Christ in our eunique vocation and state in life; but all of us are called to come together each week for the most holy sacrifice of the Mass.  It is here where we are nourished with Christ's own body and receive the grace that we need in order to live our lives in a radical way. Weekly Mass attendance therefore is one of the minimum ways that we participate in the life of our parish, not only out of obligation but out of thanksgiving!

As a parish community we also want to take time to support, encourage and spur each other on outside of the Mass, as we all walk with Christ together.  Our pre-k through 8th grade school is a large part of how we do this at Queen of Peace. Parents and their children who are enrolled at our school build friendships that are rooted in faith and last a lifetime. All of this, paired with the exceptional academics and the primacy given to our Catholic faith make Queen of Peace School a wonderful place to help you raise your young Catholics. If you have never considered being a part of our parish school or would like to consider it again, I would like to encourage you to call, ask questions and see if it would be the right fit for your Catholic family.

Working along side the school we have parishioners who have decided to dedicate their time and energy to help build community through Discipleship Groups aimed toward people in specific vocations and states in life. 

Find out more information about Discipleship Groups

First Reconciliation:

Parents and Children (typically in 2nd grade) will attend 3 preparation sessions on Sundays after mass December 1, 8, 15.  with First Reconciliations being held on Saturday December 21. 

First Communion:
Parents and Children (typically in 2nd grade) will attend 3 preparation sessions on Sundays after mass March 22, 29 and April 5th, with First Communion Mass being held Sunday April 26th.

Students who are entering 9th grade and up are invited to seek the sacrament of Confirmation by writing and submitting a letter requesting entry into Inquiry for the sacrament of Confirmation to Father Fish no later then September 30th.  Father Fish will then contact that student to set up a meeting with them and their parents during the month of October where they will discuss their readiness for the program. During the year, Students in the Inquiry process will be required to attend 7 preparation sessions with their parents on the first sunday of each month from November - May.  All of these sessions are mandatory. 

~You can find more information about our Confirmation preparation process HERE.

~To sign up for any of the sacramental preparation
please fill out this form.

Please RSVP by Sunday September 8th if you will need to have child care in order to be able to attend the meeting.