Parish Discipleship Formation

Parish Mission Statement: We are a Catholic Community called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ while loving God, loving others, and making disciples.

The last few years have offered many opportunities for us to experience and practice our faith within our families in new ways.  This has given us the chance to focus on our families as the domestic church, and the place where our Catholic faith is primarily transmitted and passed on to the next generation. At Queen of Peace Parish, many parents of children in grades preK-8th take advantage of our school as valuable way to support the work that they are doing at home to pass on the faith and grow little Disciples of Christ.

For Prek-8th grade students not attending Queen of Peace School

While the school is the primary way that our Parish offers faith formation for our preK-8th grade students and we desire that all of our parish families would benefit greatly from sending their children to our school, we recognize that some may choose not to send their kids there. And therefore, we still want to equip and support families forming their children in the faith. Therefore, we desire to foster a discussion how best to do that this year. All parents for students grades K-8 are invited to join us for a meeting to gauge the needs and resources. Please choose one of the following times to meet with Father Nick and Rebekah. Wednesday September 15th at 6:30pm, or Sunday September 19th following the 9:30am Mass at Queen of Peace.

For all students 7th-12th grade

This fall we would like to invite students in grades 7-12, as well as their parents and other adult parishioners to join us for Discipleship Nights on from 5-7:30pm Wednesday nights beginning October 13th for a 7 week series called “The Search”. Each night will feature a shared meal, presentation and discussion led by Father Nick and a half hour of Adoration.  After the conclusion of those 7 weeks we hope that students and parents will choose to form small discipleship groups where they can continue to grow together with their peers in their faith and friendship with Jesus and each other.

 For Adults of all ages

We will continue to train, equip and support the laity of the parish in their own personal apostolate. This fall we will begin our 3rd Missionary Discipleship Training small group where we discuss the Church’s teaching on evangelization, work to deepen our own connection to Christ and our love for his lost sheep. Members of these groups spend 12 weeks discerning who God has placed in their circle of influence and how He may be asking them to share the good news with them. If and when they discern to step out in some way, we provide tools and support to help them be effective in their ministry. Through this process we are beginning to see more members of our community who are taking Christ’s call to “go and make disciples” personally!

If you are interested in being a part of a discipleship group or would like to find out more about leading a group, please fill out one of our small group surveys found at the entrances of the church and place them in the offering basket, or call or email Rebekah. Groups for men, women, moms of all ages, couples and others will be offered throughout the year.

To find information about what we offer for sacramental preperation click HERE